Soccer Management

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Paradigm’s Soccer Division provides full-service athlete management services dedicated to elevating our clients’ careers both on and off the field. We foster a family atmosphere among our clients, the Paradigm team and our extended network of business and community partners, creating an unparalleled representation experience individually tailored to each client. We say with great humility that we have the proven work-product and acumen to represent players at any stage of their careers. Our experience brokering every type of player transaction domestically (MLS, USL, etc.) and overseas allows us to maximize opportunities for our players with full transparency and adherence to the highest standards of ethical practice.

Youth and Veteran Player Management

Paradigm consists of attorneys and MBAs with over 30 years of experience brokering sports-business and athlete employment transactions. Our commitment is to the continued development of our clients’ careers and market-value. We meticulously plan every move of our clients’ careers and work to maximize the direct and indirect value of any opportunity, as qualified by the long-term goals we set together. We have brokered opportunities for youth players to travel internationally to be evaluated for their first-professional contract (German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, etc.). We have represented American youth players for their first professional contracts domestically with MLS (Homegrown & Generation Adidas) and made sure to meticulously tailor the transaction to ensure commitment from their new teams. We’ve represented veteran talent in international transfers and crafted a transactional structure that provides value to the player not just for his signature, but for continued performance and market development. The complexities and continuing evolution of the international soccer business has created no shortage of challenging scenarios for the modern soccer player. Our family at Paradigm creates an individualized client-success plan that allows us to enjoy the success we achieve, while remaining fully prepared for any challenges along the way.

Lifestyle Management

Paradigm fosters a familial relationship with every member of our team, network, and especially our clients. This allows us to understand our clients’ unique needs off the field and to address them appropriately. Why? It is crucial our clients’ focus on their jobs, as athletes, while we focus on eliminating potential distractions. We provide a suite of lifestyle services specifically based on individual needs.

  • Relocation Assistance
  • Expertise with US and International tax requirements
  • Legal Counseling from in house general counsel or qualified outside firm partners
  • Financial Management services via external advisors
  • Events Production and Management (soccer camps, appearances, memorabilia signings, etc.)

Marketing Management

Paradigm provides an integrated marketing plan, developed specifically for each client and their story. Our team of marketing professionals utilize the personality, adversity, accomplishments, and performance of our clients to build their brand and thereby produce streams of ancillary income. We strategically pursue marketing opportunities for each client through:

  • Brand Building and Management
  • Public Relations
  • Sponsorship
  • Endorsements
  • Local and national media campaigns
  • Social Media Activation
  • Seminar and Speaking Appearances